Our Solutions

    Technical Description

  • COAP (Compiler Optimizer Application Protocol) product involves developing COAP API's that work with most of C++ compilers in the market. A compiler handles desired source language and target platform. Beyond that there are product differentiations such as standard conformance, compiler speed and optimization. Big firms with huge R&D budgets use customized optimizers, which are not available in public. Most companies try to do some type of optimization either in debugging or run time. COAP project will deliver pre defined customized API's that work with most of the C++ compilers.

    Financial Analysis

  • OMSSINC will support COAP 100% financially and expected to get the ROI within two years.

    Market Analysis of the Final Product

  • C++ compilers handle complex compilations and often not optimized. Companies spend extra efforts in optimizing the compilers. With our product COAP and its APIs, we are planning to use our existing client base and market. Our value proposition is we deliver the projects efficiently with COAP APIs. This COAP is not going to be a COTS product rather than offered as service when projects are designed and delivered through OMSSINC. Once COAP API's development is complete we would rotate the consultants into actual projects to implement API's.